Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plans for Saturday

We have a few things planned for Saturday, the day after the wedding, which we'd love people to join in with if they want. Simona had hoped to take people to one of Jamie Oliver's new Italian restaurants [the cheap ones, not the expensive ones - we don't like you guys that much]. But the food-world controlling lisping little git doesn't doesn't take large sittings. I'm pretty pleased though because we are now going with my choice of a Indian restaurant instead. We haven't picked out a place yet, but we should be able to find a pretty good one.

We are hoping to plan something on the football front. The problem will be getting tickets, as the Premier League is very popular. The one fixture that jumps out is Fulham against Man City. Unfortunately Man City are a pretty popular team, but if there any any tickets free, we'll be trying to get them. James' beloved Millwall play West Ham in the Championship, but this is a local rivalry and tickets will be even harder to get the Fulham game. The two teams don't exactly like each other and we don't want to be responsible of any of our guests loosing blood so that's unlikely to be an option. Crystal Palace versus Middlesborough, everyone's dream fixture, is also on. If that game is the only one it looks like we can get tickets for, we'll ask people if they fancy going or would prefer an afternoon in the pub.

Simona has other things planned for those who have little interest in football. Shopping will almost certainly be involved, though I think her main idea is a fancy picnic in Hyde Park. Miracles have been known to occur, so the weather could be good. If for some unbelievable reason the weather isn't so nice, then she's considering other options, like a bus tour or afternoon tea at somewhere like Fortnum and Masons.

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